Gary P Kurns Photography

I first started taking pictures in the late 60’s with a Nikon Photomic F / 50mm lens. I worked in retail management which back then had very long hours. It wasn’t until the mid 70’s that I really started getting serious about taking pictures. My films of choice were Kodachrome 25, 64, and Ektachrome. I had the opportunity to become self employed and that’s when photography became my passion. The business was called the Anchor Shack which was located in Hayward, Ca. It was a Scuba Dive shop, we taught scuba lessons, sold gear, taught underwater photography, and ran Scuba Excursions all over the world. I became a Divemaster and lead numerous dive trips all over the Caribbean. My favorite location was Grand Cayman in which we chartered a live aboard boat called Cayman Diver. I shot with a Nikon F2 / 55 macro lens in a Oceanic underwater housing and would average taking in excess of 30 rolls of Kodachrome in one week. I became an award winning underwater photographer in annual competitions with the Northern California Underwater Society. I also lead chartered trips to the Channel Islands off the coast of California which was one of my favorite places to dive and for photography.

I left the Dive industry in the 80’s and joined back up with the corporate world but continued taking pictures as often as I could. I did retire about seven years ago and decided to get back into my passion of photography. Since then my travels have taken taken all over the US, especially the western National Parks and the southern midwest states.

My pictures have been used in various periodicals and web sites. I’m active on Flickr, Instagram, Google+, and 500px.